Jordan Tugrul

Jordan Tugrul is a manager, self-made entrepreneur, and visionary. He has managed some of today’s most popular artists in the entertainment industry, including Lil Pump artist of Gucci Gang, Zay Hilfiger and Zayion McCall artists of Juju On That Beat, and Dominic Fike artist of 3 Nights. As head of management and media for Tha Lights Global, Jordan has prowess in discovering talented artists, negotiating multimillion dollar record label deals for clients, and developing highly influential social media campaigns. 

Jordan is a dedicated partner and co-owner of Tha Lights Global, a digital-first entertainment company based in Los Angeles, CA that provides management, music production, marketing, touring, and merchandising services to musicians, models, media personalities, internet influencers, and actors. For many years, Jordan has served in this role as well as worked with other major record label companies such as Atlantic, Interscope, Sony Music, and Warner Records. Throughout these experiences, Jordan has been tasked with using innovative marketing techniques to reach audiences across digital platforms and boast songs including Broccoli by Big Baby D.R.A.M., Everyday We Lit by YFN Lucci, Moves by Big Sean, and many more. As a result, Jordan has a vast portfolio and knowledge of successfully managing social media campaigns for his clients.

While he has influenced the professional trajectory of more than 10 artists to date, his current efforts are providing management to Lil Pump. Jordan has been with Pump since the very beginning of his career. Most notably under the direction of Jordan’s management, Pump has reached nearly 18 million followers on Instagram and signed a lucrative record label deal with Sony Music in 2018. Additionally, Jordan conceptualized and implemented the video content for Gucci Gang, which attracted more than 760 million views on YouTube, 413 million plays on Spotify, and peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Jordan has toured throughout the United States and Europe with Lil Pump to help the artist further promote his brand.

Jordan’s journey to executive leadership with Tha Lights Global first began in South Florida, where he was raised and exposed to diverse cultures. Beginning at an early age, Jordan has demonstrated his creative and mastermind-like quality traits by graduating early from high school at age 17. Since then, he dedicates his time working behind the scenes to elevate marketing strategies for clients. Notably, Jordan helped to create and implement one of Snapchat’s most used and viral filters to date- the Gucci Gang filter, which surpassed the viral hot dog filter reaching over 1 billion views. Jordan is one of the youngest managers in the entertainment industry today with such impact and high-profile track record.


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