Jordan Tugrul

Behind every great artist is often a powerful team. Jordan Tugrul, Tha Light Global co owner is of the music industry’s newest leaders taking over. From working with Lil Pump since day one to Dominic Fike, the artist who sparked a label bidding war of the decade. He’s also apart of rising stars Fredo Bang and Dpatt’s careers. Jordan is set to shake the music industry with his company Tha Lights Global.

Every entrepreneur has their own story, but Jordan’s is quite different. Born in South Florida, Jordan was always known to those around him as one to always find a way to make it happen. “I’ve always been one to find a way to make it work. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again” the 23-year-old explains. “Being so young in this industry makes it a challenge already. So I had to find a way to stand out, and nobody was going to stop me,” he says.

From there he attended Florida Atlantic University with a marketing major, but his true passion for getting into the music industry was always there. “I would stay up late every night researching ways to get in. Who to email, who do I need to talk to— anyway to make it happen.”, he says. He left college after just two short years, and accepted an internship at Sony’s Columbia Records. His one internship in the A&R department proved to everyone that he as capable of making an impact. Jordan then realized that his hidden talent was in discovering and growing talent. “I was interning full time and finding artists on my free time, so I could bring artists to the studio and build slowly,” he says. 

Jordan received a message from one of his longtime friends about this new rap artist from Miami that went by the name of Lil Pump. After listening to his only song released—Jordan instantly knew he found his next act. “His music, his look, everything just stood out to me,” he says regarding the artist. 

After some negotiations Pump signed a joint venture deal with Tha Lights Global, followed by a massive deal with Warner Bros Records. “At first they didn’t see what I saw. But once the numbers started to show we took control in the building,” Jordan says.

Dominic Fike, another Florida-bred artist exudes originality and boyish charisma, was next on the list of Jordan’s acts. He later brought his talents to Columbia Records with an imprint deal through Tha Lights Global. 

“I want a label that grooms some of the hottest new talent. One that finds new artists that no one else will find—giving those talented ones the chance they deserve”.


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